Studio series

Our range of products for the television industry is designed with quality and stability in mind. These are LED display solutions that become a natural part of your production workflow.

News reporting with LED background display

An LED display behind your newsreader is used to display the headline of the current story, for information graphics and for video conversations with reporters on location. The display is also a major feature of the set design. With colours and an animated background, you can change the entire look of the studio from programme to programme.

TV shows with live LED set design

A large LED display can form the entire set design of a music programme, quiz or talk show. It can provide a changing background for the star on the stage, it can illustrate questions and answers, and it can show clips from archives.

Customised broadcasting solutions

We have extensive experience of designing display solutions for television studios. The LED solution is designed to suit your studio and production technology. Our Studio range features products for both HD and UHD video production.


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