Sport series indoor

Our range of products for indoor sports arenas is designed for a long, hard life. They can withstand the knocks of handball and the ice hockey puck and run reliably throughout the game.

LED perimeter display boards for the sports arena

LED perimeter display boards run along the side of the handball court, sit on the balcony of the basketball hall or behind the ice hockey goals. They replace the old printed sponsor signs, and instead display vibrant ads with video and animation content. LED perimeter display boards can be used to show numerous advertisements during a single match, and your sponsors can easily change their messages, opening up the possibility of creating new sponsor concepts.

Big screens and LED cubes in the sports hall

An LED cube is a four-sided screen suspended over the court or pitch. It can be seen from the whole hall. A big screen can hang anywhere. You decide on the shape and size. Sponsor ads, live videos and important information can be shown on a big screen and a cube. And it goes without saying that they can also be used as a scoreboard.

LED solutions that work and last

Expromo has created LED solutions for clubs all over the world, qualifying us to offer you expert advice. We design the solution to suit you, your club and your sponsors. We install and test your new LED system, and instruct you in how to use it. Your Expromo solution should work today, tomorrow and for many years to come…

Sports solutions from Expromo are not just LED displays. They are everything you need for them to work. We pull the cables, provide control systems and install scoreboard and sound systems. We have developed ProComposer, our own software to control the content on LED perimeter display boards. This makes it easy for you to get started using your new LED solution.

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