Retail series outdoor

Our range of LED solutions for outdoor commercial use is designed to capture your customers’ attention day and night.

Large digital store signs

An LED sign on the facade of your store or your mall can be seen from a distance. The sign consists of an LED display that can display images, videos and text.

You can, for example, display the store name, the special offer of the day, opening hours, parking information and much more besides. The LED sign can be made in the shape and size you want.

LED pylons

LED pylons are a digital sign whereby an LED display is incorporated in a well-designed, solid metal structure. An LED pylon next to the main road can display current special offers and brand your business. LED pylons in the car park of your shopping mall can both help your customers find available parking spaces and display video campaigns for the stores inside.

We help you to be seen

We know what it takes to get digital store signs and LED pylons to work together. So, we help you find the right LED solution and we plan and install it. We can instruct you in how to use your new LED system and we can repair it in the unlikely event that it breaks down.

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