Retail series indoor

Our range of products for indoor commercial use is designed for the long haul. These are high-resolution products that can inform your customers around the clock for many years to come.

Big display

In-store LED displays

An Expromo display comes in many shapes and sizes. We build a display to suit your store design. You can present your products. You can update your special offers from one minute to the next. You have more than just a display. You have a living design solution.

LED signs in retail

Large indoor LED signs can be read from a distance, getting your campaign messages and information across to many customers. In retail stores and shopping malls, it is a good way to attract customers with campaigns and branding. At the airport, LED signs can also be used to inform travellers about departures, arrivals, etc.

An indoor pylon solution can target your messages. You can let your customers know what’s going on in the nearby stores or what the next event is in the conference room. Expromo supplies both customised solutions and ready-made indoor pylons.

We produce complete retail solutions

We do more than just sell LED boxes to your store or mall. When we supply a retail solution, we put it up and make sure that it works. And if something breaks down, we come and fix it.


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