Info series

Our range of outdoor LED pylons to provide citizen information is designed for clear communication, day and night.

LED pylons for the communication of the future

An outdoor LED pylon is a complete solution whereby an LED display is incorporated in a well-designed, solid metal structure. If positioned correctly, by a main road for example, an LED pylon is seen by many people.

A light sensor ensures that the brightness of the display is adjusted according to the surroundings. So the text and images are clear both in the middle of the night and in the brightness of day.

Up-to-the-minute information

If you want to keep citizens informed, and if you want to change messages quickly, without major expense, LED signage is the solution for you. Our LED pylons are online, so you can change the content over the internet. You can plan information campaigns for a particular time and date, and you can also send messages about accidents or road works, etc. in the here and now.

We are with you all the way

Expromo advises you, plans and installs your LED solution. And we’re also there when it’s time for a service. If our existing LED products do not meet your needs, we also design customised LED pylons and signs for your pedestrian street, approach road and town hall.

Think about the environment!

Several of the solutions in our Info range use E-series LED displays. These are LED products that are designed to be extra power efficient.

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