TV2 Weather Studio

A weather studio with a clean design

The Danish TV station TV 2 DANMARK upgraded their weather studio, which resulted in a stylish, versatile, and convincing studio. The studio is characterized by a large ultra-wide Expromo LED screen that, which achieve a 90-degree inner arc, due the narrow cabinets. The round shapes, which also repeated on the floor, symbolize weather instruments, such as the sun and the full moon. In every way a perfectly completed weather study. The screen has an Ultra-Low Latency feature that reduces delay between sound and image to a level that the natural eye does not perceive. This functionality is extremely important in setups where live content is shown, as in TV and VR studios.


  • Customer: TV2
  • Placering: Se på Google Maps
  • År: 2020
  • Skærmtype: LED-Screen
  • Skærmmodel: EXP 1,6 SMD-I-Studio-serie
  • Skærmstørrelse: 11,52m2

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