LED Large-Screen communicates news by means of an Expromo design solution

Implementing an LED Large-Screen at TV2 Norge

TV2 Norge News chose to upgrade their studio with a custom-designed LED large screen from Expromo. In a media world where vivid colors, sharp images, and reliable technology are key, this solution has helped them deliver high-quality content for their daily news broadcasts.

The solution for TV2 Norge News

News broadcasts gain special allure with LED video walls. When the Norwegian television broadcaster TV2 Norge presents the news, LED walls play an extraordinary role. The broadcaster understands the benefits of optical accompaniment.

What TV2 Norge News says about us

“We experience Expromo as a ‘local’ and professional player, which takes us seriously as a customer and constantly seeks to accommodate our wishes for our studio. Expromo has also delivered with exceptional precision, both in terms of time and quality. As technical project manager for several of our studios, I would say that no other supplier has delivered with such precision as Expromo.” - Svein H. Berstad, Systems Engineer


  • Customer: TV2 Norge News
  • Placering: Se på Google Maps
  • År: 2018
  • Skærmtype: LED big screens
  • Skærmmodel: EXP8 SMD-I + EXP1.25 SMD-I Studio
  • Skærmstørrelse: 10 m² & 21 m²

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