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– Transparent facade display
– Weather-resistant
– Flexible installation options


– High resolution
– High contrast
– Energy efficient


– Crystal
– Clear images
– Impact protection at the top
– Good quality and performance


– Guaranteed attention
– Grabber
– Diameter: 2 metres


– Cool product presentation
– 6 cm in height
– Available in widths of 30, 60 and 90 cm


– Crystal
– Clear images
– Impact protection at the top
– Good quality and performance


– Perfect for TV studios
– Ultra high resolution
– Displays razor
– Sharp images

Expromo® eXview

An Expromo® eXview screen in your meeting room is an alternative to a flat LCD screen or projector.

Why Expromo?

A Green Profile

At Expromo, we value green LED solutions.

Expromo® NLT

Expromo® Nano LED Technology – this is the future

Top Quality Danish Design

Expromo produces world-class LED displays that create the best framework for your messages.

LED Display Solutions

Outdoor LED displays solutions

Our outdoor LED displays are divided into product ranges, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. We also know that no two installations are alike. So, we help you choose and plan your solution. And we install it, too.

Indoor LED displays solutions

Our indoor LED displays are divided into product ranges, but we are well aware that reality does not always fit neatly into a box. So, our solutions are always tailored to your wishes.

You get this with Expromo®

Expromo® produces and installs big screens and other high-quality LED products. We have digital displays for every need – and we deliver all over the world!

Expromo® is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of professional LED solutions.

We design, develop and produce big screens and other LED products of the highest quality. We also employ specialist technicians who can both advise you and install your new digital displays.
Our products are developed and designed with optimal performance of their specific use in mind.

We therefore offer a wide range of specialist LED displays, each delivering impressive image quality, innovative functionality, high energy efficiency, reliable operation and a long life.
Expromo® has supplied LED solutions all over the world. We draw on this experience in our collaboration with you, assuring you a digital display solution that is the perfect match for your company.

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