– communicates on Expromo LED displays inside, outside and on wheels

At VUC Syd in Haderslev, students watch presentations and films and have Pilates classes on the Expromo LED big screen, which sits above the large outdoor stage. When the screen is not in use, it can be tilted so that it is parallel to the ceiling of the stage. Inside the auditorium, students are taught on a high-resolution Full HD Expromo LED big screen with audio system. And when attracting new students to VUC Haderslev, a lorry drives a 16m² Expromo LED big screen and audio system around on a trailer to inspire young people at educational fairs, etc.


  • Customer: VUC Syd
  • Placering: Se på Google Maps
  • År: 2016
  • Skærmtype: LED big screens, SMD big screens, LED-lorry
  • Skærmmodel: EXP2 SMD-I Studio, EXP3.91 SMD-IF, EXP6.25 SMD-IF, EXP5.95 SMD-ID
  • Skærmstørrelse: 7 m², 16 m², 3 m², 17 m² & 17 m²

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