New multifunctional sports arena with super sharp LED screens

Pick Arena is a newly established sports arena in Budapest which is home to the top European handball team SC Pick Szeged. The multifunctional sports arena has had a total LED solution installed, which opens up unlimited possibilities in the visual world. With the specially designed screens, athletes and spectators get an experience out of the ordinary. The solution for the main hall consists of floor bands, balcony bands, two scoreboards and a 220sqm cube hanging from the ceiling.

The two scoreboards and the cube will be used for the score as well as practical information during the match.
The LED perimeter can be used for exposure of various international sponsors and local businesses, and are an extremely good opportunity to reach far and wide with a message during, for example, televised matches.

The installation of Expromo LED screens has been carried out in collaboration with Interton Group.




1119 Budapest, Major utca 63



Screen type

Custom-made LED

A total solution

A total solution has been delivered in the main hall with different screen types such as floor perimeters, scoreboards, balcony perimeter and a large cube in the air.

90 meter perimeter

In the main hall, 90 meters of pp6.25 perimeter has been installed on one long side and at both ends of the court.

220 sqm cube

A 220 sqm pp3.9 LED cube is mounted in the ceiling, which provides unlimited opportunities to display visual effects that help create the ultimate sports experience.

Balcony perimeter

On the edge of the balcony section, a 157.5 m2 pp4.8 LED strip is mounted, which is the link between the floor perimeter and the screens in the ceiling. The balcony perimeter completes the visual experience you get when you visit PICK Arena.

Bogár István, Marketing manager, Interton Group

”We wanted to make the PICK Arena a special visual experience for spectators and athletes. The LED from Expromo enhance the atmosphere and the ability to communicate directly with everybody in the Arena. With the new LED solution PICK Arena can now offer an engaging and visual sport events.”

The challenge

In the newly established sports arena, there was a need for a solution that could basically show information for players and spectators, but also be visually challenging in terms of graphic visual effects and thus add value to the whole experience of attending a sporting event in the PICK Arena. It was also important to get a total solution that was user-friendly to operate and technically future-proof.

Furthermore, it was a requirement to meet the international requirements of the EHF (the European Handball Federation) in relation to scoreboards and LED perimeters.

The solution

The scoreboards and cube show match results as well as a visual representation of players. The Perimeters allow the local businesses and communities as well as international sponsors to be displayed during the games. On the scoreboards and cube, you can write messages directly to the spectators, show the reactions of the spectators and in this way support the atmosphere in the arena and fans’ engagement.

In the arena, this has resulted in visually attractive screen solutions with a modern look. At the same time, the solutions allow the arena’s administrators to easily and quickly update the screens with new content.

Equipment list

  • Scoreboard 1 – training hall. 1,5sqm, pp3,9
  • Scoreboard 2 – training hall. 1,5sqm, pp3,9
  • General screen 1 – training hall. 21sqm, pp3,9
  • LED ribbon. 157,5sqm, pp4,8
  • Scoreboard 1 – main hall. 1,5sqm, pp3,9
  • Scoreboard 2 – main hall. 1,5sqm, pp3,9
  • General screen 1:2 main hall. 36sqm, pp3,9
  • General screen 2:2 main hall. 36sqm, pp3,9
  • Cube 4-sided. 220sqm, pp3,9
  • eXview 165” pp1,9
  • eXview SPT 165” pp1,9
  • Perimeter 90meters pp6,25

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Pick Arena


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