A Green Profile

At Expromo, we value green LED solutions. LED is already an energy-efficient product compared to other digital products, however we wish to utilize the LED in a unique and climate-friendly way.


Expromo is WEEE-authorized which secures a manufacturer responsibility for management and recycling of electronic waste. Moreover, up to 98 % of our LED screens are recyclable because of the vast use of recyclable materials.

What is more, we focus on green and innovative solutions that combine the LED technology and sustainability in all our projects.


Denmark’s first solar-powered LED screens

In a new project with North Funen Business and Tourism, four eco-friendly LED pylons are made which primary power is solar energy from integrated solar cells on the backside of the LED components of the pylons. These are the first solar-powered LED screens in Denmark, and they stand out in the existing market by their innovative solution and excellent quality. The energy from the solar cells will be able to compensate as much as 90 % of the consumption of the LED screens.


Our E-Series products are designed for the benefit of the environment – not your power company.

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